Is Remodeling Your Bathroom Worth It? (Spoiler Alert: It Is)

by Nancy DeZarn

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Bathroom remodeling is no simple task. We've covered some of the basics in Five Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom and Your New Shower Remodel Checklist. But those are for folks who've already decided to move forward with the project. What about those of you who are considering a new shower remodel but don't know if it's worth it?

Of course, the real answer is: it depends. But here's some insight into a few things we've discovered.

Moving or Staying?

Frameless corner shower

A corner frameless shower from Dulles Glass

If you're planning on selling your home in the next 3 to 5 years, and have an outdated bathroom, you should probably remodel it. "Updated kitchens and bathrooms are key to selling your home," says Century 21 real estate agent Paul Hammerton. "They're really the heart of a home and places where you spend a lot of time -- and often they're a primary sales agent." As a long-time real estate agent in Northern Virginia, Paul has seen a lot of home sales fall through because prospective buyers couldn't visualize themselves in the current bathroom or kitchen situation, and couldn't see having to add more money into a home. echoes these sentiments. "Ultimately, you want buyers to envision themselves in your bathroom," explains this article on remodeling bathrooms for a sale. But, you'll want to make sure you also love the bathroom while you're living there, too.

Which Parts of Your Bathroom To Remodel?

That brings us to another question - which part of your bathroom should you remodel?

Vanity and Mirror Area - Is your vanity outdated? Do you have a small or older medicine-cabinet type mirror above your vanity? What about the vanity lighting?

These Moroccan fish scale tiles from Artisan Tile Company could be the catalyst for a whole new bathroom design.

Tile and Flooring - Do you have a vintage pink bathroom (remodeling is probably a yes here!)? Do you have older vinyl sheet flooring in an outdated pattern?  Is your shower tile from the 80's?  There are so many exciting new tile trends that remodeling this area is a must.

Shower/Bathtub - Of course we have a lot to say here, but we've aligned ourselves with current trends and have a great idea of what's popular in today's market. And here's what is hot with shower trends today:

  1. Frameless Showers - the more frameless the better! "Our customers are looking for the most frameless shower doors possible, for aesthetics and easy cleaning," says Dulles Glass interior design expert Nathalia Perez. "We can offer frameless designs in single and inline, corner, neo angle, custom, and even sliding doors."
  2. Updated Fixtures - Choose solid, durable, and attractive hardware. Dulles Glass sources its hardware from some of the finest manufacturers in the world, and the quality shows it. "Our hardware comes in several stylish colors: chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze, with the options to customize even further," says Emre Tunc, Director of Sales at Dulles Glass. "Up-to-date fixtures will make sure your shower is attractive for the long haul."
  3. Bathtubs Are Just Fine - Don't think you automatically have to get rid of a bathtub to opt for a full frameless shower. Dulles Glass offers several shower options that can be installed over bathtubs and are great for an inexpensive upgrade, if one is needed quickly. You can read more about that here.

update shower door accessories

Bathroom Remodeling Budget

There are many ways to cut costs on a bathroom remodel, or to go all-out.  If you're just sick and tired of your old bathroom and want to remodel just for yourself, you can set your own budget that will get you the things you need. If you're planning on selling sometime in the future, you can expect to recoup anywhere from 70% of your original spend to more than 100% at the sale of your home. To get an idea of the total cost of a bathroom to remodel, check out this article by

"The Unmeasureables"

Is your bathroom a relaxing getaway? A spa-like oasis? A safe, comfortable, and attractive place to spend your time? If you're answering no to any of these questions, a bathroom remodel is in the cards for you. It's hard to measure the worth of something that relaxes you, makes you happy and is a pleasant place to spend time. And sometimes those "unmeasurables" are worth the expense, no matter what it is!

bathroom remodeling with frameless shower doors

For frameless showers, Dulles Glass has options that start at just $1199.00* for a brand-new frameless shower with the hardware of your choice. It's easy to get a quote on a new frameless enclosure.  So what are you waiting for? Let's get that bathroom remodel started today!


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