Types Of Sliding Glass Doors

by Nancy DeZarn

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Why Choose A Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass doors are a practical alternative choice to swinging doors. One reason to choose sliding glass doors over swinging doors is the additional opening space, which can be double that of a regular door way’s opening if not more. If a swinging door has no clearance and may be obstructed from opening completely, you may want to consider sliding doors. A regular annoyance of swinging doors is that they can damage your walls, furniture or appliances and become damaged themselves over time. The practicality of sliding doors is that they won’t hit into walls or other objects like regular doors. Finally, sliding glass doors can be custom cut to fit over any opening.

Bronze Interior Sliding Glass Door

Interior sliding glass doors

Not only do sliding glass doors transmit more sunlight into dark living spaces, but they also create an illusion of open space. Sliding glass doors offer privacy via tinted or opaque glass while creating a flow between rooms. Consider adding a sliding glass door to a den, office space, dining room or other room where you need more light but want added privacy.

Modern Barn Door | Sliding Glass Doors

The Laguna series is a modern take on classic wood barn doors. You can customize your sliding glass door tints: gray, bronze, frosted and HDGlass, the clearest glass on the market. If you want privacy, we suggest a darker tint or the frosted tint, which is an opaque white.

Tinted Sliding Glass Doors

Tinted Glass & Solar Orientation

Whereas most rooms need additional natural light, you can also choose a gray glass to filter out too much light. You may consider gray glass for a bedroom or other room that overheats or receives a glare from direct sunlight. West-facing rooms tend to heat up during the late afternoon due to the room’s direct orientation to the sun. On the contrary, South facing rooms receive little sunlight and would need HDglass to receive more natural sunlight. For more information on solar orientation and room functionality, visit level.org

Sliding Glass Door Features

  • Custom sizes available
  • Variety of hardware to customize your door
  • Tempered glass for added durability and safety
  • Quiet track system that easily opens and closes
  • Allows natural light flow into the room
  • Frameless sliding glass doors

Sliding Glass Barn Door

Sliding Glass Door Installation Services | Dulles Glass

Update your doors today with a modern sliding glass door. Dulles Glass offers a free in-home consultation along with measuring your space for installation, helping with a customized glass door that fits your home’s decor and offering a quote prior to purchase. All sliding glass doors come with a warranty and installation. Get a free quote on your home remodeling project.

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