Where To Hang Mirrors

by Nancy DeZarn

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Are you looking for a quick solution to update your living space with custom mirrors? Your answer awaits at Dulles Glass! We’re happy to hear about your home remodeling project, and then advise you on how to get the right custom mirrors for your home or business in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland. As an added bonus, we’ll deliver and install your mirror -- and that’s all included in the price!

Where to Hang Custom Mirrors

Hang Mirrors In Narrow Spaces: This includes hallways, staircases, nooks and small rooms. An elongated floor length mirror or wall mirror can make space appear larger. To make low ceilings appear longer, add a tall frameless wall mirror.

Hang Mirrors In Foyers: Open up a smaller foyer area with a custom-cut mirror so you can make sure you look great on your way out of the house. Because we offer custom measuring and installation, we can even cut holes for outlets, light switches, or wall sconces as shown below.

Where To Hang Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors: While many bathrooms have the standard square or rectangle mirror, you can replace the run-of-the-mill with two uniquely cut oval or round mirrors for your dual vanity.  You choose the mirror size, shape and even the tint of your mirror.

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Top Places To Hang Frameless Mirrors

Dining Room Mirrors: An accent wall with a wall mirror will open up your living spaces. Wall length mirrors will enhance the look of any dining room. You can even request tinted or beveled wall mirrors for added flair. Dulles Glass also makes and installs custom glass shelves that can be added to your walls or even over your wall mirror.

Custom Wall Dining Room Mirror

Walk-in Closet Mirrors: Imagine a custom-cut full-length mirror for your walk-in closet! Build them into a new design or have them cut to fit your own space.  Add additional mirrors for different viewpoints. This will make choosing your outfit easier and more fun. Additionally, a floor-length mirror can help to brighten a walk-in closet.  

Walk In Closet Or Dressing Room Mirror


Custom Mirror Sale | $8.99 per sq ft | Includes Measurement, Installation & 2 Year Warranty


Fireplace Mirrors: Fireplace mantles frequently are cluttered by items placed on them. Consider enjoying just the simplicity of a lovely mirror above the fireplace and just a few candles for that romantic glow. Over the mantle, fireplace mirrors or wall mirrors will accentuate your fireplace, provide a modern aesthetic, and create a cozy atmosphere.

Mirror Installation In Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland

Adding new mirrors can quickly and easily enhance your living space. Just tell us about your ideas about a mirror for your home and we’ll provide a quote for the mirror and installation. Please stop by one of our showrooms if you are in need of additional inspiration for your project  We deliver and install mirrors to any location in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland area.


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