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About Our Plexiglass and Polycarbonate Glass

Our custom-cut acrylic plexiglass and polycarbonate glass sheets are made of synthetic polymer or methyl methacrylate, which is a thermoplastic. These acrylic plastic sheets are well-known by trade names such as Acrylite®, Lucite®, or Perspex®. Our polycarbonate sheets are non-toxic polycarbonate thermo-resin and know as LEXAN™, MAKROLON®, Makroclear®, arcoPlus®, and others. They are tougher and more heat resistant than our acrylic sheets.  During the customization process, you can choose a square or rectangle shape with a glass thickness of ⅛” or ¼“. All sheets are clear and have a seamed edge that is not polished which makes them perfectly suitable for most applications. They are both prone to scratching, flexible, and very sturdy. Its lightweight and shatter resistant properties add a great choice for areas where safety is very important. 

How It Works

It’s quite simple. Choose shape, enter your measurements, select glass type, and thickness, and check out your custom-designed acrylic plexiglass or polycarbonate glass.


Custom Build Your Glass

Measure your project, choose your glass type, and custom design your glass on our customization page. Everything is being quoted right on the spot, ready for checkout.


Technical & Design Support

Our team of experts is here to help you from the ordering process to complex custom orders. Live chat with us!


Fabrication & Quality Control

Your custom plexiglass or polycarbonate glass is now being fabricated in our state-of-the-art plant in Manassas, VA. We guarantee 100% premium quality at all times.


Curbside, Contactless Delivery

Your glass and hardware are packed safely and curbside delivered by FedEx carrier. All prices incl. FREE shipping.

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Customizable Options for Plexiglass and Polycarbonate Glass

Our plexiglass and polycarbonate glass sheets start at a base price that includes all the basics. During the customization process you can customize your glass, your way choosing from the following options:

Plexiglass & Polycarbonate Glass - Glass Shape

When creating your plexiglass or polycarbonate glass sheets, you have the option to choose between a square and rectangle shape.

Plexiglass & Polycarbonate Glass - Glass Dimensions

Entering exact measurements to a fraction of an inch will instantly display your plexiglass or polycarbonate glass price.

Plexiglass & Polycarbonate Glass - Glass Types

Choose clear acrylic or clear polycarbonate for your project.

Plexiglass & Polycarbonate Glass - Glass Thickness

Choose your preference for 3/8” or 1/4” thick acrylic or polycarbonate glass.


Where to Use Plexiglass

When you need a more flexible and sturdy glass, Plexiglass is a perfect choice. Sneeze guards are commonly made from plexiglass, but the material can also be used for more residential purposes, such as shower frames, as it is slip resistant and shatterproof. It is also popular to use them for projects such as greenhouses and even picture frames.


Where to Use Polycarbonate Glass

Some typical items made of polycarbonate sheets include helmets, face shields, airplane and ship portholes, instrument components, and electrical insulators - to name just a few. It's the choice for safety, thermal protection, security, clarity, and strength. At this time, we offer only flat polycarbonate sheets that are a great choice for some specific applications like skylights, green houses, boat windows, glass roofing, auto parts, agriculture, high-pressure areas, and table and antique protectors.


Sneeze Guards & Protective Partitions

Increasingly, clear sheets of plexiglass are being used as protective barriers in various workplaces, such as retail, restaurant, and office settings. Different configurations of plexiglass guards can be customized to fit your needs for the safety of employees and customers. This includes sneeze guards, workplace partitions, checkout counter barriers, desk dividers, and hanging panels. Dulles Glass ensures that its products are easy to work with for commercial and residential users and DIYers.

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Comparing Plexiglass vs. Polycarbonate Glass

Discover the difference between Plexiglass and Polycarbonate Glass in this detailed comparison, highlighting key factors such as optical clarity, impact resistance, weight, cost, scratch resistance, cutting and shaping ease, and more. Whether you're considering these materials for signs, displays, or high-impact applications, this guide will help you make an informed decision for your specific needs.

PlexiglassPolycarbonate Glass
Cutting and ShapingEasier to cut and shape using common toolsAlso easy to cut and shape, more forgiving to complex shapes
Optical ClarityExcellent optical clarityGood optical clarity, similar to glass
Impact ResistanceLess impact-resistant compared to polycarbonateExceptional impact resistance
WeightLighter than glassLighter than glass and Plexiglass
CostGenerally more affordableTypically more expensive
Scratch ResistanceProne to scratchingCan scratch more easily than Plexiglass
ApplicationsWidely used for signs, displays, and low-impact applicationsIdeal for high-impact applications like safety shields, bulletproof windows
UV ResistanceMay degrade over time in prolonged sunlightNaturally UV-resistant
Temperature ResistanceSensitive to high temperatures and may warpMore heat-resistant, suitable for outdoor use
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From how to clean plexiglass and polycarbonate to unique DIY projects. We have a collection of helpful tips for you!

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